Friday, January 1, 2010


New decade, and ever onward do we plunge into the not-so-new-anymore-Millennium.

Well, Happy New Year to one and all. :)

I don't think I'd raise up a particularly high score card for my 2009.
I do kind of understand, at a conceptual and perhaps detached level, that happiness is what you make of it. But I feel like I haven't given myself the time to actually think about and reflect on things properly for the longest time ever. I complain about how I feel like I've become increasingly dumb, and maybe increasingly numb as well, but I have much more than unfounded suspicions that I myself have had a pretty major role in this devolutionary process.

I have to detach my hands from the keyboard of my laptop pretty soon, and so, am going to end this muddling and hazy perhaps-beginning of a reflective process.

What a difference a year makes? Mmm, I wonder.

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Miss Anne Throp'ist said...

Happy New Year :) (BTW what do you think this decade should be called?)

I really hope that this year is a happy and exciting one for you.

Lots of love xxx